Coco Karol

OCTOBER 27 & 28, 2016

+ a short-form performance OCTOBER 22, 2016 


“Karol occupies a powerful place that encourages women to be artistic explorers. Through her, we see, feel, and experience how the female voice becomes manifest within artistic mediums. This evolving voice may speak to many or only a few. It is generous, considerate, challenging, provocative, delicate, aggressive, and all that flows in-between.”  -  Melanie Greene, Dancer’s Turn



beheld is a new work by Coco Karol in collaboration with visual artist, Lena Takamori. It is performed by dancers, Coco Karol and Rakiya Orange, vocalist Lacey Rose, composer-collaborator, Sxip Shirey, and participants of a two day workshop at Triskelion Arts. The performance takes place within a kinetic environment where sand, paper, and sound move in relation to the bodies on stage as a way to sensitize perception and excite new possibilities of transformation.

A compelling study into end of life care shows a majority of individuals on their death beds request a desire for one thing: that their hand be held. In her experience as a hospice volunteer, and in research leading up the workshop-to-performance creation Gestures of Care/ Overtaklessness, 2016, Coco also learned that it doesn't matter who the hand-holder is. The request is for a feeling. The feeling of being held, and the perceptual dance of beholding another’s experience led Coco to create the performance, beheld, which explores seen vs. felt realities, the power of proximity, and the implications for human connectivity across social boundaries in the "it doesn't matter who" of felt states.


WORKSHOP |  move self, change world
In conjunction with the DAMN GOOD at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn, this a 2 day workshop for participants interested in being a part of a new performance by Coco Karol. Open to all ages and levels of mobility and ability, we will play and move within different sensory environments, exploring how we (as a group and individually) can creatively effect change through embodied awareness and reflective response. Participation in the performance is optional.

Led by Coco Karol, Lena Takamori, & Sxip Shirey

Sunday, October 16th 3-6pm, 2016  &  Sunday, Oct 23rd 3-6pm, 2016

Triskelion Arts  |  Brooklyn

To participate in the workshop:



b-side, a collaboration with composer/ vocalist Lacey Rose that features a light sculpture by Lena Takamori and costumes by Claire Fleury. It is the imagined alternate universe of new work, beheld. As a flip side to a place where identity comes second to phenomenology, b-side is a drowning disco where refracted light, song, and costume crack open static mythologies of personhood to envision the “beholding” of our seeing the world as an opportunity to celebrate the fluidity of self and to adorn the beholden with beauty and nonsense. 


Coco Karol is a New York based dancer/choreographer and artist who makes cross-disciplinary performances that invite a conversation between personal and shared experience. She holds a BFA in Dance from Tisch School of the Arts and an MFA from Hollins University and has had the privilege of working for Misnomer Dance Theater, Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance Company, and Christopher Williams, among other NY based choreographers. Her choreography has been shown internationally as well as across New York, notably at Carnegie Hall, Symphony Space, BAX, D.U.M.B.O Under the Bridge Arts Festival, New York Studio Gallery, Galapagos, Brooklyn Studios for Dance, and curated by AUNTS. She has created work with musicians including Bjork, Ryan Lott (Son Lux), Sugar Vendil, Mara Mayer, Sean Ali, Valerie Kuenhe, Daniel Carter, Minna Choi of MagikMagik Orchestra, and Inhyun Kim of Ear to Mind collective; andvisual artists including photographer Steven Sebring, sculptor Eve Bailey, architectMarcos Zotes, cinematographer Azmi Mert Erdem. She has taught her movement-before-dialog workshops in San Francisco, Istanbul, Virginia, and New York, and teaches seasonally at Brooklyn Studios for Dance, Otion Front, and 100 Grand. This November she will be teaching her Gestures of Care embodied inquiry workshop at the Biannual Buddhist Symposium on Contemplative Care at the Garrison Institute in NY.

A hospice volunteer, and dedicated teacher of many different movement styles, Coco is particularly interested in how we create meaning of experiences and connect to others; she uses dance as an invitation to poetic and physical experience.


                        Cover Photo: Athena Azevedo                                  Above Photo Credit: Sinan Tuncay